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Seven useful Windows 7 tips and tricks - CNET

Microsoft Windows

Windows 7 is a good operating system right out of the box, but tweaking some of the settings and using keyboard shortcuts can enhance the Windows experience.

Here are seven useful Windows tips and tricks to help you get more out of Windows 7:

1. Bypass the Recycle Bin

The Windows Recycle Bin is a good safeguard against accidental file deletions. However, when you know you want to permanently delete a file, you can bypa

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62 Windows 8 secrets you need to know: Windows 8 tips ...

8. Use the app bar

Windows 8 apps aim to be simpler than old-style Windows applets, which means it's goodbye to menus, complex toolbars and many interface standards. There will usually be a few options available on the App bar, though, so if you're unsure what to do then either right-click an empty part of the screen, press Windows+Z or flick your finger up from the bottom of the screen to take a closer look.

9. Launch apps from the desktop

Windows 8 doesn't provide any obvious way to launch apps straight from the desktop, but this is actually surprisingly easy to set up.

Right-click on an empty part of your desktop, select New > Shortcut, and type Explorer She

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Windows 10 tips: Your first 30 minutes with the Technical ...

Congratulations! Youve signed up for Microsofts Windows Insider program, downloaded the Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO file, and are just about ready to install it. Consider this your orientation for your new operating system.

Brad Chacos has already outlined the steps fordownloading and installing the Windows 10 Technical Preview on a virtual machineor hard drive partition.I went the simpler route: I took an older machine (a Surface 2 Pro), wiped it clean, then reinstalled and updated Windows 8 to the present.

Windows 10 installation: the final stepswindows 8 re</p>
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TIPS 12 - How to play & record your PS1 Games using PSP 3000 on Windows 8 with PC Controller - Duration: 0:31.

TIPS 12 for PS1 Games By Zidane Jameel

How to play & record your PS1 Games using PSP 3000 on Windows 8

with PC Controller

(PSP 3000)


1- ms0:/seplugins/RemoteJoyLite.prx 1

2- Text 1 : flash0:/kd/usb.prx 1

_ Text 2 : ms0:/seplugins/RemoteJoyLite.prx 1

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How to perform a clean install of Windows 10 - CIO

Every great operating system sputters, falters and fails at one time or another, and Windows 10 is no exception. Whether caused by a Windows Update snag or a good app installation gone bad, you'll probably need to take some substantial steps to fix the OS at some point.

For example, after allowing Microsoft to automatically upgrade Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 on one of our office computers, the PC hummed along just fine for nearly a month before the cracks began to show. That's when the Microsoft Office applications stopped working properly. They crashed frequently, and Windows offered recovery versions of productivity files during nearly every computing session. Uninstalling and reinstalling the applications didn't seem to make a difference. We also noticed a rash of minor annoyances that went away, temporarily, only after rebooting. Then one day the Start menu became inaccessible and Windows 10 displayed this message:

Crucial error: Start Menu and Cortana aren't working

That was the death knell for the current installation of Windows 10. Although several websites offered step-by-step instructions for fixing the problem, none of the solutions worked for this PC and we were left with a machine that barely functioned. Any time we clicked the Start button, which happened a lot owing to force of habit, we had to reboot. Thus, it was time to take recovery measures.

Microsoft offers several recovery options once a computer hits the skids:

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How to recover permanently deleted files in windows 7 tips 2016? Hindi/urdu/ English - Duration: 2:53.

How to recover permanently deleted files in windows 7 tips 2016? Hindi/urdu/ English https://youtu.be/gP5it7m-flU

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How to Download Youtube Video Tips 2016? Youtube Se Video Kaise Download Karte Hai? https://youtu.be/SPpUTyVppws

Hello friends, in this video, i will show you how Youtube video can be download without any software. ?This is a very easy process. I give all the information in Hindi and Urdu because it will be easy to understand for Indian users.

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How to fix Windows 10 printing problems - CIO

Thinking back, I can dimly recall that in the era of Windows 3.0, 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups, printer drivers could be particularly vexing. Since then and until the release of Windows 10, printer problems didn't register much on my radar. But I've noticed that in the wake of upgrading my network to Windows 10, printer problems have occasionally manifested in this brave new desktop era.

If this is a cause for concern, you may be relieved to know that all of the problems I've encountered have been easy to diagnose and fix, providing you know the proper steps to take to figure out what's up. Hopefully, that means this how-to can help readers zip through detection and diagnosis and proceed more quickly to the usual cures for such ills.

Typical symptoms of printer problems

Without belaboring the obvious, the most common issue with printing in Windows 10 is an inability to print. Somewhat frustratingly, you might select a known and formerly working printer in Windows 10, fire off a print request and see nothing happen in response, other than the number of jobs in the print queue increase. What gives?

Other typical symptoms may also include the following: